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  • Developer: Digital Emotions Ltd
  • Location: Wanaka, New Zealand
  • Founder: Hamish McGregor
  • Founding date: October 2014
  • Website:
  • Press contact:
  • Publically launched: March 2016

kin2kin - Founders Story

My name is Hamish McGregor. I’m a father of two and the founder of kin2kin. I simply believed there had to be an easier way for my kids to maintain a better relationship with their grandad.

I was 6 months into a completely different mobile app project when I observed my father trying to communicate with my two kids - two of his six grandchildren. To have a relationship with the kids from a distance, he was caught between old technology (email) for updates and live communication (phone call or video call) to have a direct relationship.

In researching what was available, there were plenty of apps that were convenient for me, or put my household at the centre of the attention. None solved it for my father, a remarried grandparent with family across many households. None solved it for my kids, the most tech savvy in our house, yet too young for Facebook, and no device of their own.

Our eureka moment happened when we realised that our solution for grandparents to grandkids also solved it for aunts and uncles to their nieces and nephews, and for relationships between young cousins. We then discovered that it also offered a unique blended view for the 40% of grandparents who are divorced and re-married. What started as a grandparent to grandchild idea, evolved into a safe, simple and private place for all family.

Think of kin2kin as a live family album with organised photos. You can respond to the person in the photo, no matter who posted the photo. It is not designed to be a replacement for Facebook, Instagram, chat apps, email or video chat. It has a different purpose. kin2kin is designed to make your family feel closer, no matter their age, how busy, or how far apart.

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