How we connect

We create households

  • Everyone in the household has their own account - even pets.
  • Kids permissions are managed by parents.

We connect households

  • All your favourite people in one place - both sides of the family, godparents, family friends.
  • Parents choose who to accept/invite into their family network, so have complete control over who sees family photos.

Networks are interconnected

  • Just like families, our networks overlap like olympic rings.
  • You can share photos with, and see photos from, everyone in your network but no one else.
How we share, organise and store photos

Quick and easy

Two clicks to upload photos and videos from phone, tablet or desktop.

Private and safe

Only people connected to the person/people tagged in the photo will be able to see it.


Instant notifications when a new photo is added by your network, or when someone comments on your photos.


Photos are sorted into automatic albums based on who is tagged in the photo. Each person has their own album.


‘Favourite’ your most loved photos and videos to create an album for future printing or showing off!