About Us

About Us

Our team

From the small alpine town of Lake Wanaka, New Zealand, our dedicated team is on a mission to provide a simple, private and meaningful way for families all over the world to connect - from great-grandparents, right down to the youngest members of the family. We’re proud to be working closely with various positive and dynamic community groups to ensure that kin2kin provides the best possible solution for all loved ones.

We are fortunate to have a host of passionate investors and advisors on board who share in our vision.

Our story

We’re passionate about making a positive dent in the universe by strengthening these family relationships across generations, borders and time zones – safely and easily.

kin2kin was created by Hamish McGregor, father of two teenagers.  Hamish needed a quick and easy way to send updates and assist meaningful relationships between his kids (too young for social media) and his extended family (Dad wasn’t tech savvy and his siblings and their families lived in different towns).