What makes kin2kin gifting awesome?

It’s quick and easy

no shopping, no going to the post office, no battling to organise others to purchase a gift together.

Birthday reminders

We’ll warn you in advance when family members have a birthday coming up. This way you’ll have time to get others involved in a group gift, or choose one to buy yourself.

Wish lists

Create your own wish list so that everyone knows exactly what brands you love when they go to buy you a gift. Engaging for kids and extremely useful for adults!

Group gifting

Team up with family members to buy something extra special together. Super easy and no awkward IOU’s.

Great range

Choose from an extensive range of fantastic brands. Whether the gift is for a new mum, a nephew’s birthday or Dad’s Christmas gift, there is something for everyone.

How gifting works

1. Choose a gift

We have a great range of digital gift cards and subscriptions. We’ll even send you reminders of upcoming birthdays!

2. Select a recipient

Gift a family member, or choose someone outside your kin2kin network. You can send a gift to anyone!

3. Invite others

Easily team up with other family members to buy a bigger gift for a mutual loved one, or just buy it all on your own!

4. Send

Choose a date (you can purchase in advance), and send them the e-gift in-app or via email or messenger app. See what they receive.