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We are proud to work alongside these dynamic organisations with values and objectives aligned to our own

Here's what they think of kin2kin

Fantastic to see kin2kin offer a simple, creative tool to help families connect in our busy, complex world. It's particularly encouraging to see grandparents and their grandchildren using kin2kin as a bridge across age and distance to share life's special moments, deepening intergenerational connectedness.
Greg Fleming (CEO, The Parenting Place)
SeniorNet is a community training network that supports and motivates people aged 50+ to enjoy technology in their everyday lives. We've thoroughly enjoyed introducing our members to kin2kin. Like us, this service is practical and positive and has been developed with ease of use for older people in mind. SeniorNet and kin2kin share key values of connecting and supporting Seniors.
Grant Sidaway (Executive Officer, SeniorNet)
Over 60,000 New Zealanders have dementia, and for each one of those people there are family and friends who are also affected by the diagnosis. For people with dementia the connection with family and friends is critical. Maintaining that connection is one of the most important things we can all do to support our family and friends to live well.
Catherine Hall (Chief Executive, Alzheimers NZ)
Loneliness in older people is a significant contributor to both general and mental health issues. It has a negative impact on both the individual and the community as a whole. kin2kin is a unique and simple solution for making seniors feel connected and involved with family. This simple tool has the potential to make a real impact on people’s lives. We look forward to working further with the kin2kin team.
Karl Metzler (CEO, Gore Health)
NetSafe exists to enable New Zealand internet users to confidently access digital opportunities and prevent online harm. We are excited by the way the kin2kin product can connect families and social groups whilst managing the risks that exist around online connections.
Martin Cocker (Executive Director, NetSafe)
Parents of multiples are busy! Our members say kin2kin is a fast and private way to broadcast everyday and special moments to their families. kin2kin is helping their extended family and friends to recognise and interact with their twins and triplets as individuals.
Carolyn Lister (Immediate Past President, Multiples NZ)