To help answer common questions we've put together these Frequently Asked Question answers.

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About kin2kin

kin2kin is a photo and messaging app specifically for family. Our purpose is to trigger direct relationships rather than just photo updates.

We take privacy very seriously at kin2kin. It was why we invented it in the first place!

See our Privacy Policy for the full rundown, but in general be assured that we will keep your images private, we won’t sell your data and all your personal information is stored safely where it can only be seen and changed by you, including shipping addresses and credit card details.

We offer in-app gifting that you will be charged for if you choose to use it. You will get charged by your service provider for SMS or data usage. We do not have ads, nor will we sell your personal information.

Photos are organised by who is in the picture, rather than who sent them, and responses are sent to this person in the photo. It’s simple for grandparents, and COPPA compliant for kids under 13. kin2kin is private and free.

kin2kin has a pure focus on family and connecting generations. We aim to make this as simple as possible.

  • Includes under 13 year olds safely. Compliant with the “Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act”. (“COPPA”)
  • Connects households, not individuals.
  • Minors in the household are managed by the parents.
  • Unique network per household. I declare who can see my kids. My brother declares who can see his kids. We are not one big combined group. We can both now add people who will have no access to my household.
  • Your family structure is your unique family view. (eg grandparents can see all grandchildren from many households together)

Founded by Hamish McGregor, the team includes Lloyd Weehuizen, Stu Sharpe, Gwilym Griffiths-Jones, Nic Robertson, Prue Kane, Carrie Wallis and Kristi James.

We are based in Wanaka, New Zealand. We like visitors!

Installing, signing up and logging in

We recommend that you always have the latest version of kin2kin on your device so that you don’t run into old bugs and are always getting the most out of your kin2kin.


Android apps are updated in the Google Play Store. To update your app, please follow these steps:

  • Select the “Play Store” from your Android home screen
  • Tap the 3 line menu in the search bar (top left) to bring up your Play Store menu
  • Select “Apps and Games”” then “My Apps & Games”
  • From here, you can either update kin2kin only by scrolling down to it and selecting the green update button to the right or update all of your apps by selecting the green UPDATE ALL near the top right
  • You will need to accept the conditions in order to update the apps
  • Once your apps have been downloaded and updated, it will say INSTALLED next to the app name in this section


iOS apps are updated in your general settings on your Apple device. To update your apps, please follow these steps:

  • Select “Settings” from your home screen
  • Scroll down to the iTunes & App Store line
  • Hit the arrow (drill in) and be sure that “Updates” are turned on by swiping the toggle to the right so it appears green*.

Note: iOS doesn’t allow you to turn on/off updates individually for your apps. Turning on updates here will update all apps.

​We currently have:

  • An iOS app for Apple phones and tablets, which is available on the Apple App Store for iOS 8.1 and later.
  • An Android app, which is available via the Google Play Store for Android 4.0.3 and later.

You can also find the download options on our homepage

Don’t worry, it’s a common problem! Go here for help.

​Don’t worry. It happens all the time! Go here for help.

​We’ve designed kin2kin so that kids can have their own login under the household account.

  • If your child doesn’t have their own device, the parent can log in to a shared family device and switch users to the child by tapping ‘More’ in the bottom right of the screen, then select ‘Switch User’. Depending on the permissions you have set for your child, they can view, like and post comments as themselves while using your device.
  • If your child has their own device such as an iPod touch or a tablet, the parent can log in to their account and switch user to the child. You can even set a pin if you’re worried about them being cheeky and switching to someone else in your family ;)
  • If your child has their own smart phone, you can invite them using the “Manage Connections” function, accessible from ‘More’ at the bottom right of your screen. The child will have to accept your invite and then they will be away on their own independent device.

​If you didn’t receive a text verification code something has gone wrong!

  • First, check that the number you entered for yourself is correct, including the country code (this is often where people go wrong!)
  • It can take a couple of minutes for the text to come through. If it still hasn’t come through, press “Resend verification code”.
  • If this still doesn’t work, you will get an automated call from California with your verification code.

If you STILL don’t get a verification code, please do get in touch with us so we can look into your problem further.

​Your unique mobile phone number acts as a “username” so to speak. This means that if you try to log in with your new mobile number, we won’t recognise you and you’ll end up setting up a new account…not ideal ;)

If you have set up a custom password on your account, you can log on using the mobile number you set your account up with from any device at any time.

To set a custom password, select ‘Settings’ at bottom right of screen. Then go to Account Settings > Password and follow the prompts. Once you’re in kin2kin you can change the mobile number associated with your account by clicking on the ‘Settings’ button in bottom right of screen. Then go to Account Settings > Mobile and following the prompts.

If you don’t have a custom password and no longer have access to your old mobile phone number, you’ll need to get in touch with us to verify your identity. Once we’ve verified you, we can then apply your new mobile number to your existing account for you.

Getting your family on kin2kin - sending and accepting invites

​Invites go out via text message. It’s possible that their phone network blocked the message or the number was entered incorrectly. Please follow the following steps:

  • ​If you can, contact the family member to see if they received the invite, maybe they just haven’t had time to use it.
  • You can re-invite by clicking ‘More’ at the bottom right of your screen, and selecting “Manage Connections”. Click ‘Invite’ next to the users name. You can check at this time you have used the right mobile phone number and country code.

As links between family members are made through unique mobile phone numbers this is an important part of the family connections process.

Links between family members are made through unique mobile phone numbers, you may have signed up without using your invite link:

  • Find your invite text/sms message and click on the link (make sure you’re connected to the internet!) this should take you through a managed invited user signup process that will automatically connect you to your family

If this doesn’t work, email us at support@kin2kin.com and we will help you sort it out

kin2kin connects households, if you are connected to one person in a household you will automatically be connected to other people in the household. This means if you don’t have a mobile number for someone, you can get another family member to “Invite” them and you will have the option to connect to them without using a mobile number. If the person you are trying to connect to does not have a mobile phone number we are working on ways to solve this. Stay tuned.

Good news! You don’t need an iPhone or even a smart phone to be able to connect to kin2kin! ​You do, however, need a valid mobile phone number in order for us to connect you to your family.

  • kin2kin is available on any internet connected device (tablets, smart phones and computers) through the web browser

You can find the web and app download options on our homepage

kin2kin does rely on at least one family member in your household to have a mobile phone number so that we can efficiently connect you up to your family.

If there is someone else in their household using kin2kin they can try the useful “Switch User” feature. This allows multiple people to use kin2kin under one mobile number.

“Switch User” is accessible from “Settings” - bottom right on the home screen (it looks like 3 horizontal lines).

You can opt to share content of your shared grandkids with them by following the directions listed here:

  • Go to ‘Settings’ button in the bottom righthand corner
  • Click on “Account Settings”
  • Scroll down to “Privacy Options”
  • Choose “Tagged Connections”

You can also check the ? when adding a photo of someone outside of your household to confirm who in your network will see that photo.

​You can remove a person if you’ve created a duplicate or made a mistake in adding them (i.e added them as the wrong relation, added them as a minor in error, etc.)

  • If the user is not yet active, simply go the the desired person’s page, choose settings (the little head and shoulders icon at the top right of their page) and then choose “Remove”. Selecting this will prompt a confirmation to disconnect from this account. Once you have disconnected from this person’s account, you can re-add them. Check that all the details are correct before you confirm adding.
  • If the person you are attempting to delete has an active account, you will able to remove them in the same way as described above. You will then get an option to either disconnect from the whole household, or block people individually - which means all their posts and comments will be hidden from your feed. It also means that any attempts by this person to reconnect with you will be prevented.

Uploading photos, tagging and notifications

Uploading photos is always accessible from ‘Photo’ at the top of your screen. This will allow you to either take a new photo, or select one from your phone photos. Make sure you are connected to the internet before attempting to upload a photo.

Photos you upload are visible both to people in your family network and to the people in the network of the subject of the photo, but only if they are connected to both of you. Photos in kin2kin are organised by who has been tagged in the photo.

For example, if you upload a photo of your son Jimmy, and tag him, the photo will appear in Jimmy’s “feed” or “folder”. Anybody connected with Jimmy AND YOU will see a notification that a new photo of him exists. If someone is just connected to Jimmy and not to you, they will not see that photo.

If you’re unsure who will be able to see a photo or video you are uploading, click the ? in the top right corner of the ‘Tag people’ page - this will tell you who can see the photo based on who you have tagged in the photo.

​​kin2kin is specifically designed to share photos of family members…but that doesn’t stop you from posting photos from your experiences! If you like to colour outside the lines…we say go for it!

If you’d like to share a photo with your unique network, simply tag yourself in the photo (kin2kin makes it mandatory that you tag someone so we know where to file it!) and the photo will live in your folder. All photos of you or tagged as you live in your folder.

Push ​notifications are great for letting you know when family make contact so it’s important to have them turned on.

kin2kin gives you the option to receive them instantly, batched (every 5 minutes) or once daily. You can change this by going to your settings page and selecting “Push notifications”.

If you’d like to change your alert style (i.e. sounds, where to show the alerts, etc) this is done from your phone’s settings, not inside the app.

Let us know if we can help!

Other features

Switch User enables other members of your household to sign in on your device (e.g. your partner or minors), without having to sign you out. This makes it that bit easier for your closest family to quickly check their accounts, without needing their own device or having to remember login details.

The feature also provides parents with direct access to their minor’s accounts, as minor accounts are not fully fledged user accounts, they are sub accounts of their parents.

When switching between accounts, you can protect your own account by setting a PIN, ensuring kids don’t accidentally use as you!

You can find Switch User in the menu in the bottom right hand corner of your home screen under ‘More’.

Family Gifting

Select ‘Gift’ at the top of your screen. This will take you to our gift hub. From here you can buy a gift, and see what gifts you have sent and received. No need for a delivery address as this will be requested from recipient.

We have gifts available in NZ, Australia and the UK. You can send gifts via the app to anyone you are connected to in kin2kin, and you can send gifts to anyone else via email, messenger or SMS. No delivery address required: for any physical gifts the recipient (or their parents) is required to enter their own address before it is sent out and for digital gifts, the recipient will receive all required details in their message, so they can either print that out or present their mobile phone to the relevant store.

A group gift allows multiple people to contribute to a gift for someone in your kin2kin network. Pitch in for Dad’s fishing rod, or get your cousins on board for a special gift for Grandma. Simply choose a gift, select ‘Group Gift’ on the details page, select recipient, and choose how much you would like to contribute. Others in your network will receive a notification that you have started a gift and they are invited to contribute. Everyone can write a message in the digital card that will be delivered in-app with the gift. If the target is not reached by the date selected, all contributions will be refunded.

They will see details of the gift, who sent it to them, and any messages written to them.

We guarantee your gift will get there, or we’ll give you your money back. Click here to see how the kin2kin team stands behind this service.

There are several gift delivery date options in kin2kin, right up until the night before a special day.:

  • Deliver now. For instant notification to recipient.
  • Birthdays. If a birthday is loaded in Family Dates, you’ll get handy notifications of the upcoming birthday. You can buy a gift yourself, or contribute to one that another family member has started, right up to midnight the night before that birthday.
  • Choose delivery date. For birthdays not loaded in kin2kin, or for another occasion coming up, you can choose the delivery date for the in-app delivery.

To someone on kin2kin: Your gift will be delivered in-app early in the morning on the chosen date in the timezone of the recipient, and the recipient will receive notification of this. To someone not on kin2kin: The recipient will receive an email/SMS notifying that they have received a gift, and another when the gift has been activated and is ready to use. If there is a physical gift, it will be shipped once the recipient’s postal address has been confirmed. For minors, shipping addresses need to be entered in-app by a parent. We use CourierPost to deliver your physical gifts and they usually arrive within 5 business days.

To see any gifts that you have sent in kin2kin, click into ‘Gifts’ (in ‘More’ menu or top of most pages). This will take you to the gifting hub, where you can click through to ‘Sent gifts’ or ‘Received gifts’.

This allows us to confirm your postal address before we ship your gift, ensuring that you receive it safe and sound, and as soon as possible.

Gift recipients, or their parents, enter the postal address into kin2kin and these are securely stored in our system. They cannot be viewed or changed by any other user.

We use Stripe, a secure third party provider, to process the online payments for gifts purchased in kin2kin.

Stripe exceeds the most stringent industry standards for security. Learn more about the technical details of Stripe’s secure infrastructure.

Security is very important to us. Minors do not have this feature enabled so as long as parents sharing devices with their children be sure to switch user to the child, they won’t be able to purchase gifts. There is an option to enter a pin for added security.

To see any gifts that you have received (or sent) in kin2kin, click into ‘Gifts’ (in ‘More’ menu or top of most pages). This will take you to the gifting hub, where you can click through to ‘Received gifts’ or ‘Sent gifts’.

Children, minors and COPPA

COPPA is the United States Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act and applies to the online collection of personal information by persons or entities from U.S. children under 16 years of age. It details what a website operator must include in a privacy policy, when and how to seek verifiable consent from a parent or guardian, and what responsibilities an operator has to protect children’s privacy and safety online including restrictions on the marketing to those under 16.

While kin2kin is used world wide we have specifically engineered our solution to comply with COPPA as we believe it is a clear and necessary set of rules to ensure child safety.

Find out more about COPPA