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kin2kin was developed in New Zealand to help generations of family stay connected despite distance, time zones and busy schedules. It’s easy to share, and respond to, organised photos and videos no matter where your family lives. kin2kin is designed for grandparents to interact directly with grandchildren, and is safe enough for children under 13 years old. With all your loved ones in one secure place you will feel closer and more connected than ever before.

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In the media

What makes kin2kin different for families

What does family mean to you?

kin2kin on the TV1 breakfast show

We're thoroughly enjoying introducing our members to kin2kin. Like us, kin2kin’s service is practical and positive and has been developed with ease of use for older people in mind. SeniorNet and kin2kin share key values of connecting and supporting seniors.
Grant Sidaway
Executive Officer, SeniorNet
kin2kin has been brilliant. It's great to have all the family in one private place. We used to use text messages and emails, but that was not organised like kin2kin.
Grandfather of seven
We are excited by the way the kin2kin product can connect families and social groups whilst managing the risks that exist around online connections.
Martin Cocker
Executive Director, NetSafe
Fantastic to see kin2kin offer a simple, creative tool to help families connect in our busy, complex world.
Greg Fleming
CEO, The Parenting Place

Visit our Why it Works page on our website or email us at, we're here to help!