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We believe in family

We believe that family relationships are fundamentally important to the health and well-being of all age groups. We believe that all family members deserve a safe and simple way to feel connected, no matter their age, how busy or how far apart.

We’re on a mission

At kin2kin we're on a mission to build a simple, private and meaningful way for families to connect that includes all ages, from great-grandparents, right down to the youngest members of the family.

As modern families are often complex and spread across countries and timezones, we believe there is a need for a simple tool to better connect family members of all ages and nurture these powerful family bonds. The kin2kin platform sparks conversations and strengthens relationships through photos.

Our team is proud to be working closely with various positive and dynamic community groups to ensure that kin2kin provides the best possible solution for all loved ones.

The kin2kin team 2016

Our team

kin2kin has been designed and developed in the small alpine town of Wanaka in New Zealand.

Our team includes:

Hamish McGregor, Rob Silverton, Lloyd Weehuizen, Stu Sharpe, Nic Robertson, Gwilym Griffiths Jones, Richard Reid, Kristi James, Prue Kane and Carrie Wallis.

We are fortunate to have a series of investors and advisors with international success who have shared in our vision.

Our journey

We began with the idea of creating more meaningful interaction between grandparents and grandchildren. This took us deep into how different age groups use technology, how modern family complexities can add challenges, and what was missing from current mainstream solutions.

Our solution

We’ve designed kin2kin for:

Different Age Groups
  • We noticed that kids 5-12 are very tech savvy, yet miss out on family conversations online. Often these conversations are about them and the things they have done, but rely on a third party (parent) relaying the news and the responses. Kids already naturally share household devices, x`why not allow them to switch to their own account and get direct feedback from loved-ones on the photos they are in?
  • For more cautious internet users, Grandparents and seniors, we needed a simple interface with organised photos. An ability to feel directly, but privately, connected to everyone between live conversations. We also provided a email notifications for those without wi-fi devices.
  • Parents are busy, and need their communication tools to be safe and fast to use. They are motivated to seed connections and conversations between other family members, rather than for themselves.
Modern Families

Busy schedules, different time zones and countries make live conversations hard. We wanted to give grandparents ‘conversation seeds’ - up to date photos of grandkids’ activities that spark instant feedback in app, as well as topics of conversation for phone calls and skype dates.