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kin2kin is a free app that makes it easy to organise and share your photos with loved ones, but also lets family comment on those photos and engage in a whole new way. Quickly and easily include your nearest and dearest in those ‘family-only’ moments, so they can interact with you and your children from afar.

You have complete control over who is connected to your household, and therefore who can see photos of your family. All photos added are organised into albums based on who is tagged in them, making it easy to revisit special memories and show off the grandkids.

We make forgotten birthdays a thing of the past by sending advance reminders about approaching birthdays, and providing easy in-app gifting so that you can choose and send a gift from the comfort of your home. Better yet, start a group gift so other family members can chip in and super-size that gift you know they want.

We’re big on bringing family closer wherever they live, and designed this app to safely and easily include every generation. Get started and let us know what you think! We’d love to hear from you.